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Mistakes Newbie Investors

3 Common Mistakes Newbie Investors Should Avoid

Do you want to learn more about the mistakes that budding property investors must avoid? Just check out the article now

Scan the online forums, and you’ll come across tons of information about what new property investors should do to ensure success. But is there anything more important than those success tips? Yes! It’s the pitfalls that you need to avoid, so you don’t end up being a part of that falling graph of the property market. Just like many new investors, you have also started out with an intent to make it big in real estate.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve come up with some useful info about top mistakes you should avoid as the budding investors. So let’s dive in

Heart Over Head

In this home buying process, over 90% of your decision is based on emotion and 10% on logic. Admit it! That’s true. To some extent, this is genuinely understandable as your home is where your family is raised. But this buying decision, especially about investing, letting the heart rule is a common trap that you must avoid.

For those of you, who allow their emotions to manipulate the judgment, are likely to over-capitalize on the purchase. Perhaps that’s the reason why budding property investors should do the analytical research while buying property.

When you fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

It’s not only rhyme but a reality. Every property investor wants to build a lucrative property portfolio. But doing it without a plan based on all the analytical research is just like setting out on a road trip without a map. As a result, you are most likely to take a wrong turn and end up losing. Be mindful that it’s imperative to set goals for successful wealth creation through real estate.

If you have a carefully thought outline of your investment, you will end up exactly where you want to be. Thus, just make sure to plan your action before you action your plan.

Too Confident or Too Hesitant

In the budding investors, you’ll find two most common traits. They either act too impulsively, or they’re overly cautious and never act at all. Perhaps that’s the reason why they never make it beyond the first property or sometimes never even make it to their first.


For the Ones in too much Hurry:

They think they want it now. After attending a seminar, they buy into the first crazy scheme without thinking it through. Just like always, it doesn’t make them rich overnight, and they end up losing heart saying property investment isn’t for them.

For all the Procrastinators

They show up at every seminar and fully updated with every single trend of this industry. But you know what, they are unable to act. This situation is often known as ‘paralysis by analysis’.

The impulsive group is still likely to learn from their mistakes get successful at some point, but the procrastinators will never overcome their fears. So if you are interested in some Investment property in UAE, don’t just think and fantasize to have one. But do your complete analysis and act.

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