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4 Ways in Which Students Lose Marks in Physics Exams

Physics is one of the most fascinating but practical subjects and is loved by numerous students. Physics topics are mostly practical and can be closely related to the surroundings. Students who develop a deeper interest in physics concepts and have a better understanding of the fundamentals are able to learn physics more efficiently.

In some cases, students who are fundamentally strong in physics fail to obtain desirable scores in the exams. Such underperformance is mostly because of a few common mistakes that the students repeat in the physics exams. Here, are such 4 ways in which students lose marks in the physics exam which can be easily avoided.

  • Forgetting Formulas and Concepts

Students often forget important concepts and formulas during their exams. Due to this, students lose a lot of easy marks as they fail to solve the questions. Some of the most commonly forgotten concepts include Ohm’s law,  Faraday’s law, etc. So, it is important for the students to be thorough with all the concepts and revise them periodically to be able to retain them efficiently.

  • Ignoring the Units

In physics exams, units are considered as a part of the answer. Any student who skips the units lose a few marks. So, students are suggested to always mention the respective units in their answers. It is suggested to use SI units and do the conversions accordingly.

  • Unable to do Vector Calculations

Vectors are generally introduced in class 11 and then becomes an integral part of not only in physics but also in maths and other subjects. It should be noted that vector calculation is totally different from scalar calculations. For example, in vector addition, both the magnitudes and components need to be added and not just the magnitude.

  • Simple Calculation Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes that students commit in their physics exam is calculation mistakes. With improper calculation, the whole solution changes and students arrive at different answers. Some of the calculation extensive topics in physics are thermodynamics, magnetism, electricity, etc. and students need to be careful and thoroughly prepared.

These were the 4 most common mistakes which are repeatedly committed by the students in their physics exam. Students can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn several important physics concepts in an engaging and efficient way and excel in it.

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