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Induction Cooktop

5 Features to Look for in an Induction Cooktop

Gone are the days when having a gas cylinder and a conventional gas stovetop was a mandatory requirement for cooking. Today, there are many advanced appliances to replace this conventional setup. An induction cooktop is the best example of this. It works on electricity and completes your cooking without the need for any gas cylinder.

Though many appliances are hitting the market every other day, you need to understand the requirements, features and performance of the appliance before buying one. Here are a few features to look for in case you want to buy an induction cooktop. 

Auto Switch-Off

This feature comes handy if the pan you are cooking in gets too hot or if you remove the pan without switching off the induction. In case of over-heating, an alarm also goes off so that the user knows why the induction was switched off.

Pre-Set Cooking Options

Different food items require different temperature levels to cook food. For example, if you want to pressure cook something, it would require more heat than what is required to sauté vegetables. When buying an induction cooktop, look for a model that has pre-set menu functions. This makes it convenient to select a particular setting and complete your cooking requirement without struggling to set the temperature. The pre-set functions are taken care of by intelligent technology. Without the need of any manual intervention, it adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Keep Warm Function

People are getting extremely health conscious and they know that reheating of food is not good. It also interferes with the taste aspect. Some of the advanced induction cooktop models come with a ‘keep warm’ function. This helps in keeping the food hot for longer durations of time so that you can have it without the need for reheating.

Easy to Clean

You should select a model that is easy to clean. There are models that have framed designs, which help in containing the spills but then they are also more prone to build-up of dirt and grime. Though it depends on personal preferences when it comes to selecting a model, choosing edgeless designs having continuous surface are easy to clean. You can simply wipe up with a moist cloth and they are done.

Lightweight and Portable

If you are buying an induction cooktop because you move a lot, then look for a model that is lightweight and portable. You can then move it easily within the house also for cooking things in the patio or rooftop. All you will need is a plug point to plug in your appliance and you are good to go.

Induction is the fastest cooking method so far and a good induction cooktop can give you a better temperature control through its pre-set cooking options. The cooktop also stays cool-to-the-touch during the cooking process. All good models take care of safety features, thus making cooking an easy and convenient affair.

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