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8 inspiring studio apartment layouts for cosy living

Living in a studio less than 600 or 700 square feet doesn’t mean it feels and looks as if a tiny dorm! Although there isn’t any magic that can expand the apartment’s footprint, the right space planning and smart decoration can truly maximise every square inch of the place. So here how to give the studio apartment a grown-up remodelling without knocking down the neighbour’s walls!

  1. Go for better binge watching

Define separate living areas creatively that’ll make your apartment visually spacious but, carefully brainstorm on how much square footage to be allotted for each division. Take into account that which makes you happier at home such as split the bedroom in half in a way that one portion is dedicated to a dining area. In case you aren’t allowed painting the walls, bring in removable wallpapers that are easy to put up against the dull walls without raising any security concerns or law breach whatsoever. One apartment rental Dubai company supported me on topic during the article.

  1. Boutique hotel like makeover

If you’re living solo or perhaps spend most of the time outdoor, make your apartment living experience as if a boutique hotel room. For instance, a few pieces of retro furniture, a curated minibar that you can keep on the windowsill, a chic kitchenette; all placed neatly and creatively a few steps away from the bed.

  1. Play with decoration

When decorating a small space, nothing can beat the simplicity and flexibility of low-profile, mid-century furniture. In contrast to the modern-day styles, mid-century product designs are much closer to the floor which apparently makes the windows and ceiling look taller. This is important for apartments having a darker and ominous interior.

  1. Getting “lofty” with aspirations

If your studio apartment surprisingly has higher ceilings, a little bit of smart thinking may give for a more living space per square footage with a loft bed. Such idea is excellent for a 193 square foot studio, transforming it into a single-bedroom duplex while keeping the walls and rest of the décor white. It’ll give the room bright and spacious feel but, warm-up the aesthetics of a room with some metal and leather products. In case you’re struggling for space, how about bringing in a versatile staircase with built-in drawer compartment; made truly for apartment living!

  1. The double-duty sofa

For a studio of 190 square feet or even less perhaps, think over a multifunctional area dedicated for both sleeping and socialising. You can go for a sofa-come-bed or other a beautiful bed that doubles as a sofa from a perfect carved spot. Place a small desk and two small tables that don’t obstruct the element of openness and functionality of the room. Lay a Moroccan rug for appealing finish touch!

  1. Layout conversion

Optimising itsy-bitsy studios that make them feel twice the original size require careful planning and a lot of intelligence that’s achievable if you keep the layout fluid. It certainly doesn’t mean a watery or liquefied interior but adding flexibility and softness with multi-purpose furniture. Finest example can be of a modular sofa and an expandable coffee table with a storage compartment wall that can even house a television!

  1. Include every corner

Even if a studio has small recess in the corner, it can serve as a perfect spot for additional storage and single bed per se. A patch of wall space ahead the kitchen entrance can make for a cosy breakfast corner and a comforter right across the dining table breathes life into the living room. If you can, bring in a rug that enhances the feel of privacy between all three areas.

  1. Rethink over the bed foot

Keeping the furniture close to the foot of your bedding is an excellent way to maintain separation among the living room and sleeping areas. A multi-purpose sofa or desk with simple design and minimalist approach is best. If your studio apartment has a hallway entryway, turn it into a living room by declutter every single item by keeping the stuff organised in storage and display furniture.


A little bit of imagination and a lot of creativity can transform even the smallest studio into a spacious interior for cosiness.

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