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Selling Mosaic House Tiles

Best Selling Mosaic House Tiles in the Market

We all want our houses looking great and many homeowners have embraced the artistic works and styles of mosaic tiles. These tiles decorate your home and giving it a beautiful look. The various mosaic designs are suitable for use in the kitchen table tops, to bathroom walls and floors in general. Moroccan tiles will provide you with a house makeover that is welcoming and add colour and warmth to your house.

With me are the best selling tiles in the market at very affordable prices.

Ledgestone charcoal black split face tiles 

These split face mosaic tiles provide your walls with a great outstanding feature.  They have naturally formed layers with a great texture creating a 3- Dimensional unique style and appearance on your walls. These tiles are best fitted with a grey mapei mapeker rapid set grout.

Traditional Quarry Tiles 

These mosaic house tiles are hard wearing with a deep rich colour. You get to choose from a range of great colours including red, brown, grey, gold and black. They bring warmth and add colour making your room look spectacular. They are very durable and you can get them at very affordable prices. These tiles are available at most tile outlets. There are also porcelain and ceramic replicas that are easier in maintenance of your floor. They are ideal for kitchen floors and bathrooms.

Travertine tiles 

Travertine tiles remain one of the best choices for flooring as it is a durable stone tile. They are comfy and have varying earth tone colours ranging from beige hues, rust, brown and tans. I find it stylish and if used for flooring draws positive energy to your room. These house tiles are environmental friendly as they don’t go through a manufacturing process.

Oakwood Effect Mosaic Tiles 

It has a great wood effect and is suitable for use on both walls and floors.  Oakwood house tiles is a combination of porcelain stone with smooth texture. It is then refined in bleached, white or dark oak giving you the authentic wood floor look.  The preferred grout for use on these tiles is the mapei ultra colour medium grey so as to acquire a stunning wood grain effect.

East or west, home is the best and having a beautiful place to call home is something you should be proud of. You can achieve to make your house look great by adding some Moroccan warmth from these wide range of mosaic house tiles.

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