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BSc Optometric

BSc Optometric – A Popular Career Oriented Course

BSc optometric is among the popular courses after 10+2 or equivalent. B.Sc. Optometry or Ophthalmic Optics is an undergraduate Optometric course. You may know that Optometry is a healthcare profession that is connected with the eyes’ health as well as linked structures.

B.Sc. (Optometry) degree course features the study involved with the examination, identification, and treatment of eyes, specifically linked with optical symptoms, visual, refractive errors along with their rectification by utilizing lenses and other optical aids.

The B.Sc. (Optometry) the degree course is involved with the study of eye testing or vision screening, identification of visual issues, optometric counselling of patients involved with partial sight, orthoptics and vision training, hereditary vision defects, colour blindness, designing and fitting contact lens, spectacles as well as low vision aids.

The course duration is three years (in some universities, it is four years that include one year of internship). It isimportant and career-oriented that offers extensive scopes to the candidates.

Suitability of B.Sc. Optometry Course

  • They need to hold good manner, patience, coordination, and good vision.
  • They should hold self-discipline; a nature to serve others and the work ethics should be distinguished by persistence and dedication.
  • They should have the ability to deal patients tactfully.
  • Those, who want to pursue Master’s degree for becoming a lecturer at the levels of college/universities, are also compatible with it.
  • Candidates, who are able to perform hard works for long durations, hold the managerial skills and spirit of teamwork can select this course.

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Advantages of B.Sc. Optometry Course

  • Sc. (Optometry) degree plays a role as a basis for future higher studies in the particular field including M.Sc., Ph.D. and M.Phil.
  • A vast possibility is involved with optometric practice in India and abroad. It is a challenging and dynamic career, in which a person can attain personal growth and obtain respect from society. It also provides financial success, flexibility, and unlimited scopes.
  • They can choose to enrol in further higher studies as well as research work in the Optometry field and take up job of teacher or lecturer in various colleges and universities.
  • After passing the course, they might also start a journey of their independent practice by initiating their own eye clinic, lens manufacturing unit, optical shop etc.

B.Sc. Optometry Course – Employment Areas

The areas where one can see employment are contact lens and ophthalmic lens industry, eye doctors, health consultants, lens manufacturing units, eye clinics, optical shops, hospital eye departments, optician showrooms, and optical shops, etc.

You can begin your journey in this field by doing diploma after high school. You can also participate in certificate and associate’s degree programs in the field of opticianry that might be preferred by some employers and be licensed.

The students, who hold a diploma certificate, can begin earning directly by working with an ophthalmologist, an optician, or an eye hospital. He/she can start his/her own practice as an optician.

If you have any question or query regarding this or Bachelor of Science in Optometry, then you can ask an expert in this field and for more information, search the internet resources.

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