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liver transplant procedure

What Can You Expect from a Liver Transplant Procedure?

To start off the procedure begins with an evaluation that is referred to as phase 1 evaluation. It does help to figure out whether transplant is an appropriate procedure or not. The patients are being evaluated by a surgeon. The appointment could spread over an entire day and may be tiring as well. There are some tips that is going to help you for the first appointment

  • You need to avail the services of someone close to you who is going to accompany you. They are going to help you understand about the necessary information that is needed during the process of transplant
  • As you would need to be part of various tests you should not eat or drink anything a few hours before the surgery
  • Just carry a snack with you along with medications you are into

When you are visiting a doctor for the first time you would need to carry all your reports along with the medications you are consuming for pre evaluation. In order to update or compliment other tests, a series of tests are recommended by a doctor during the phase of evaluation. If specific problems do spring up then another round of testing may be suggested

  • CT scans which is a form of X ray where a computer is used to generate picture of the liver replicating the size along with shape of it
  • Ultrasound which will figure out whether the blood vessels to and from the liver is open
  • Stress and ECG to determine the functioning of the heart
  • Blood tests to determine the various functions of the liver

The follow up procedure pertaining to liver transplant

  • Once the transplant is over, the patient should make it a point that they visit the surgeon regularly. It should be a couple of times during the week spread over 3 months
  • The surgeon is going to monitor the condition of a patient with the aid of blood tests. Once an year is over after a liver transplant the post-operative care tends to be a lot individualized
  • Once the transplant is over the patient is expected to be on a series of medicines that prevents the body from keeping the new organ away. Sometimes medications may be prescribed to control blood pressure, antivirals etc.
  • The patients are being observed every week after post-transplant, whereby the frequency is reduced over a period of time
  • Though additional form of testing to monitor the condition of your liver and health may be prescribed from patient to patient. The tests would include liver biopsies or abdominal scans.
  • A few diet restrictions come into play. It is suggested that the patient go on to reduce the amount of salt intake. Your diet should be well balanced and the protein content should be on the higher side. For this reason obesity does go on to become a major issue.

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