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Choosing a bicycle that meets your riding

Choosing a bicycle that meets your riding needs

Choosing the right kind of bike can help to make your bicycling experience a better one. You will need a bike that meets your interests, needs and fitness. Before making the purchasing decision, you will need to consider various factors like the kind of riding and if the bike that will suit the riding. Here are a few considerations that you will need to bear in mind:

Riding type

There are several kinds of ridings and you may need a bike that will blend more than just one style. You may also find a style that you would like to try and have never tried before. Ultimately, your riding type will dictate the bike that you need to purchase.


Leisure riding may refer to that occasional fitness ride that you can enjoy when visiting a park, a new tone or seaside. For instance, riding a bike on a Saturday afternoon with your kids, friends and grandkids. These rides are mostly short and infrequent and may be on an easy speed and terrain. You do not need a lot of details  in terms of the equipment, fitness and clothing. You may use any kind of bike including the older style options that have no gearing.


This is a kind of long distance running that many incorporate the cyclists as they go to work and have to pedal for 20 to 30 minutes. This may also include the day trips, overnight trips or even the week or month long trips. This can be one of the kinds of riding that you have never considered and it may be very easy. In case you will be camping, you may need some gear. A touring or expedition bike is usually needed for these kinds of trips.

Choosing a bicycle that meets your riding

Road riding

The one thing that marks road riding is that it that it is usually done of a smooth surface such as bitumen or pavement. This may include a trip to your workplace, to the shop, taking kids to school or even getting the regular exercises. You may even want to take it a mile further and join a triathlon, bike club or charity ride. You can use any kind of bicycle such as the 2018 Scott Mountain bikes as the road condition is fairly good.

Off road riding

When you hear the term offroad, what comes to mind is a rough terrain. This could be in a garden that requires you to ride off the tarmac. It could also be along the towpaths, trails and even farmlands. Off-road adventure  can take you to the rough and rocky trails in what is known as mountain biking. The right kind of bicycle for this kind of riding is the Scott Mountain bikes.

If you will be riding in an area that covers the terrains that are really mountainous, you may need a lower gear range that will enable you to climb in a comfortable way. The best bikes for climbing hills are the touring bikes or the 2018 Scott Bikes.

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