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Cloud computing

Cloud computing to flood $554 billion by 2021

Latest news and research concerning various segments of cloud computing pour every other day, telling us about gradual rise of the industry! The International Data Corporation (IDC) looks at cloud technology to its fullest, covering every single aspect and concluded the most compelling findings. Let’s have a detailed view of the report!

Total revenue to double, twice as much

The most impressive statistic in the report is concerned with predicted global revenue by end of 2021 which is twice as much as that in 2016. It gives a clear picture of absolute success of cloud computing industry with revenues to surge dramatically by $554 billion.

The report also suggested excellent profitability and boom to cloud service providers. The inferences as provided by the IDC were carefully taken from previous records and studying the cloud industry at its whole. Relevant companied are likely to receive about 76-percent total spending over cloud infrastructure, covering both hardware and software solutions.

Public cloud to gain momentum

The report also promises further boom of public cloud infrastructure throughout 2021 and there’re numerous reasons as to why it’ll dominate the market. Because of many different services like the Gmail and others, people all over the world are pretty much accustomed to public cloud computing.

Looking at the organisational side of the picture, this particular cloud model is quite scalable plus, it often operates with pay-as-you-go that makes it convenient for corporations to adopt cloud models without overspending.

Public cloud services would gross 48-percent of all cloud associated expenditures by 2021 in comparison with 41-percent of previous year. Including critical hardware for proper functionality of public cloud model would further boost the percentage spending that totals to 68-percent by end of 2021; a three-percent growth against figures obtained from 2016.

Managed cloud spending to remain steady

IDC also looked into the managed cloud services and its probability in coming years. While popular among various businesses, the options allow users/customers the freedom to choose between the in-house IT functions and those managed from the service provider’s end. In 2016, managed services totalled 31-percent of the total cloud spending whereas statistical data indicated steady contribution through 2021 as well.

Managed services are considered the key to business expansion whereas the technological sector isn’t the only to accept and understand true potential of cloud computing. Many different industries especially those closely linked with immediate high-tech practices look towards cloud solutions when planning on the coming years and possible services expansion.

 A discrete study concluded that almost 62-percent manufacturers from the production sector alone are focused on growth thereby requiring latest services and technology.

Developers accept & inclined towards the public cloud potential

Visionary and cutting-edge developers realise the importance of cloud services and the potential to drive innovation. In order to survive the competition and retain marketability against immediate competitors, they need accepting the change. Cloud analysts suggest implementation of various aspects and skills are crucial from developers end to sail the rising tide of cloud tech.

The IDC also emphasises on success of developers that would depend on their willingness to embrace the public cloud model to its fullest. And as we look at the statistics, it isn’t surprising that success and growth potential over the next four years depends significantly on cloud tech solutions.

IT professionals, while discussing probability of public cloud and how it pushes all boundaries of innovation also discussed the existence and correlation of machine learning technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and biotech.

As we speak, some of the emerging technologies are supported exclusively over the cloud platform. These are the reasons developers need paying attention to public cloud when pursuing a boost in their careers. The most obvious outcome of the report by IDC is existence of cloud computing technology and its likelihood to remain in years to come.


Although many people are still reluctant to adopt and accept the cloud, the tech world from its entirety is becoming more reliant on non-physical storage, applications and solutions.

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