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Neuro Surgery

Development and growth of Neuro Surgery in India

There have been a number of developments and growth in the field of neurosurgery. A lot of advances in the last 4 decades in India have been as good as anywhere else in the world.  When the country started with a stage that was very primitive most of the technologies were out of the reach but not anymore.

All started with best neuro hospital in indiaand over the period of years, neurosurgery in India has grown beyond expectations. Today we have all the technologies available and can probably think of advanced research on par with any developed country in the world.

The procedures are up to the mark in such a way that you cannot think of a condition where a patient has to go to the west for the treatment. With the access of neurosurgery, everything that is necessary is available in India and the trend is towards making it the best of medical hubs.

Latest advancements:

The scenario for a major surgery used to be different as  bigger incisions or opening made the patients stay in the hospital under observation. These patients were kept in the ICU for a long time to prevent significant risks of complications. Nowadays patients come to the hospital walking and goes home walking with the help of super healing methods.


Once operated patients don’t have to get back to the hospital to get the sutures removed. This has been possible with sutures that dissolve within the skin. With healing with some of the procedures, you do under local anaesthesia without a cut or anaesthesia patients are less likely to suffer from pain. Further elucidating there are technologies such as the Gamma Knife Radio surgery that can treat a brain tumour, vascular malformation easily.

Robotic surgeries:

Some of the latest advances also include robotic surgeries. These are upcoming technologies which are still in the lab or under research. Given the rate of success of this Computer-guided Endoscopic Neurosurgery is pretty high because there are accurate. Some day most of the robotic surgeries will be able to give 100% results and India in every way is trying to implement  it. The other thing is the MRI-guided Neurosurgery and the new state of art facilities that offer Ultrasound-guided Neurosurgery at best neuro hospital in india. All of these are used to reduce the damage to the brain while operating on the patients.


Just giving treatments is not enough but consistent follow up has to be the main emphasis for us today. This is why when a patient goes back in the state that he came is a noted failure. So every facility ensures that they try to do things where the patient can go back and be functional at the highest level. The stability of health is of prime concern.

A couple of new things to treat every disease is now being identified and conditions are going to improve to a greater extent. The survival rate of the patient in a given treatment and surgery diseases like malignant tumours of the brain or any other is likely to increase in the coming future as these serious conditions will get easier to address.

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