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Men’s Fashion

Evolution of Men’s Fashion Throughout the Years

While most internet videos concentrate on the evolution of women’s fashion over the years because of their more drastic nature, the male counterpart is not to be forgotten either. Most are of the opinions that cool t-shirts for men, perhaps with stripes or some dramatic print epitomizes men’s fashion, however, it is hardly anything but the truth. Men’s clothing has seen their own share of ups and downs.

 Fashion transcends just clothing articles that is trendy at the moment. It is a statement piece for self-expression and allows one to gain confidence in their own skin. Men’s fashion today sees the influence from a variety of sources, from political movements to pop culture. Certain ethnic groups have also left their unique imprint on men’s fashion today. Let us have a look how Men’s Fashion changed over the years: 

The 1950s

For the first time, men’s clothing became a lot more relaxed, shedding the more formal, military attire in this post-war world. The fashion industry borrowed heavily from the style of famous icons such as Frank Sinatra and James Dean. Blue Jeans became a huge hit among the youngsters and even Hollywood celebrities were seen wearing them. T-shirts for men along with the signature blue jeans became the staple clothing choice for younger men in the 1950s. The older generation, like Frank Sinatra, went for a more put-together classic look with a tailored suit and sleeked back hair.

The 1960s

This is the decade of flamboyance where men and women were seen experimenting with bright colors and extravagant style of suits. Gone were the days when menswear only included dull colors and tight fitted clothes. Political ideologies had a strong influence on the clothing choices of men. As the mindsets became more expanded, the clothing style became more relaxed and accommodating of the gender diversities.

The 1970s

The Psychedelic subculture had an immense impact on the fashion of the 1960s. Men were often seen sporting bright colors and extravagant style of clothes. High waistlines and platform shoes with flowing shirts and flared trousers became the signature style of this decade.

The 1980s

This was the decade of shoulder pads and tons of hairspray. Pop icons like Michael Jackson and Madonna had a huge impact on the fashion industry. People adopted a glam rock vibe, and the gender barriers in terms of fashion started to get narrower. Bright eye shadows and huge hair for women and a punk-rock appearance for men was a common look in the 1980s. There was a renewed interest in basics and everything, from jackets to trousers, were preferred oversized.

The 1990s

With the advent of bands like Nirvana, the 1990s saw the emergence of grunge fashion. Men chose muted colors over the extravagance of the past decades. Distressed jeans, plaid shirt that had a worn look, was the chosen ensemble during this time. The clothing matched the “don’t care” attitude of the youngsters and aptly portrayed their angst of the changing circumstances.

The 2000s

If you’re looking to find the best trending t-shirts for men, the 1990s is the decade to be in. The new millennium ushered in with it new celebrity faces and boy bands and a quirky clothing style with boot cut jeans and printed t-shirts. Flared trousers and brightly colored shirts were all the rage.

There is no end when it comes to evolution. Some fashion trends die out and new trends are reborn in its wake. However, every now and then we see an old style recycled in a new way. What was your favorite decade for men’s fashion?

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