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Indoor and Outdoor storage

Extra Space Storage Unit for Indoor and Outdoor storage

When it comes to preserving and storage of the prized belongings one cannot afford to go wrong. No wonder people spend a lot of time and effort in the search for an appropriate storage units Davie where they can store their possessions. Well, if you happen to be such a person who is in need of a storage facility that can save your belongings, then, search no further. There is an extra storage space facility which is located at Fort Lauderdale, Fl. This extra storage facility is what this article is about, so if you are such a person who is looking for a place to store that extra luggage, all you have to do is scroll down and read on.

The additional space storage unit for indoor and outdoor storage provides the following

  • Safetyforyourbelongings

The management of this facility understands the value that individualsplace on their possessions, hence security is made paramount. There are cameras installed in the facility to ensure the safety of the goods.

Apart from installing security cameras on the site, the extra space storage facility also has keypad gate assess to provide more security. What this means is that you always have your access keys with you at all times. To access your storage unit all you need do is to input your customized password. How amazing is that!?

  • Onsite Manager

No matter how equipped a facility is having someone around to talk with is always good. Hence, this storage facility has an onsite manager which handles request or inquiry.

  • Driveup Access

With a drive-upaccess, the stress of conveying goods is highly reduced. You can quickly drive up to your rented unit and offload right into the storage unit.

  • Climate Controlled

The extra space storage facility provides climate-controlled units. Yes, the facility takes into consideration the damage which change in the weather can do to possessions like wooden furniture, upholstery, and others.Hence, the various units are designed to withstand a change in climate.

  • Elevator Access

Climbing up staircases can be stressful, right? But elevators always bring easy access, don’t you agree? That is why this facility deemed it fit to provide elevators to give the tenants easy and stress-free access to the storage units.

  • Indoor Units

This facility provides indoor storage units for items like furniture, electronics and other items that one might not want to put outdoors.


Storing your valuable possessions can be easy and stress-free like you have just seen. So you don’t have to cloud your house space with items that are not presently useful to you. And you don’t have to throw away you belonging or even trade them off all because you don’t have adequate space to put them. The solution to your problem of extra luggage is extra storage space unit. Well, I hope this article was able to help your quest for an additional storage unit. Have fun storing your valuables.

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