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Best while You Are Travelling

Five Fashion Tips to Look Your Best while You Are Travelling

The famous proverb “When in Rome, dress like Romans” was perhaps invented keeping in mind the endless dilemma that accompanies the act of packing a proper wardrobe for a vacation. The Rome idea is probably not that appealing given the place we are visiting might not have the versatile range of apparels available like in Rome, especially if we are going for a trek in the Himalayas or a wild Uganda Safari. So the trick of the trade is to pack in essentials, throwing in some fashionable pieces (but keep them few and far between) and keep your briefcase lightweight.

Let’s have a look at the must-haves that you should carry while you are travelling in order to look your best, especially for those photos you would be putting up on social media.

1. Pick a Particular Colour Palette

Since most of our t-shirts, shirts and trousers fall under the neutral colour code, it would be great of us to choose that as the colour code of the trip. The main reason for picking neutral as a colour code is also the fact that whites, blacks and nudes are permanently in style. So it will be handy as well as fashionable to carry them for the trip.

2. Minimise the shoes

Shoes usually take up a lot of place on our briefcases. The trick is to carry two classics. One travel-friendly pair of boots and another high heel. They will likely cover all of your wardrobes and give you the look you want.

3. A for Accessorise

This is the part you can score big on. Accessories can completely transform the way you look and you don’t even have to worry about the amount of space it eats on your suitcase. If you are carrying the right accessories to go with each of your set of clothes, rest assured, you will look completely breath-taking on your entire trip.

4. Dress Casual and Classy

There are a lot of benefits that come with dressing casually. Firstly, it is never out of style. Secondly, casual is easy and comfortable to wear, irrespective of the climate you are in. Go with a classic white t-shirt and blue jeans, accessorise with a particularly enchanting silver bracelet and you will be good to go for both your day trip and the shutterbugs, looking flawless and perfect.

5. Go High on Maxi Dresses

As much trending as they are, the benefit of having maxi dresses in your wardrobe is the fact that they can be restyled with one piece of extra clothing at the drop of the hat. You can just wear it over your bikini if you are on a beach holiday or team it up with a stylish jacket for a formal dinner, you will definitely be the most stylish person on your trip if you decide to carry a few maxi dresses.

Though it is, in fact, quite a trick, to look you are best keeping in mind all the external conditions like weather, climate, topography as well as the total space of your suitcase, we are sure that with these tips, you can be at your beautiful best.

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