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Galaxy A8

Galaxy A8 might not be the most pleasant news for Samsung!

The recently launched Samsung A8 might not be the most pleasant news for the smartphone giant. Well, that isn’t because A8 comes with compromised quality, rather interestingly the bad news of the company is actually the too tempting features, exquisite design, and robust make of this smartphone makes it a better deal than Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series.

Recently launched A8 is surely one big leap from Samsung to introduce a premium smartphone in mid-price category. The smartphone comes equipped with almost all premium features of a flagship device at almost half the price ($799) against its flagship Galaxy S9 which costs nearly $1399 in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the midst of all shining, and complex feature apps, most of the users only bother about the camera quality, smooth execution of apps, and a flawless intriguing design.

Well, A8 does this better than most!


On first look, A8 seems exactly similar to the flagship S8 device. The smartphone comes with the same intriguing finish, high-quality premium metal design, and finest attention to details.

The device sports a 5.6’’ screen, however, the intelligent design with slim bezels makes it feel light and easy to hold. The device weighs at 172g, which means you can easily carry it in your pockets or purses.

The best part about A8 is the use of OLED screen (yup, the same screen used in premium flagship devices). The OLED screen offers a brighter, detailed, and crisper images as compared to traditional LED displays. Note, not even flagship devices from other companies are offering OLED display yet, and Samsung has offered it on a mid-price smartphone – isn’t it great!

The device comes in two colors, Gold, and black.

As far as cameras are concerned, there has been a lot of fuss in the market. However, cutting the crap the cameras does perfume exceptionally in good light conditions. Now, people looking for low-light photography has to go to Galaxy S8, because A8 cameras aren’t good enough to give crisp low-light photos.

Never mind, the device comes with a 16MP rear camera and two selfie cameras (Yup you heard that right, dual selfie camera). The second lens is present to offer more depth perception to selfies.

Of course, there are various other gimmicky features available with the device like food mode, and beauty effects; for people who like to play around with extra-features.


The biggest drawback that we have found for Galaxy A8 is the use of old Android version. A8 runs on Android 7.1.1, which can’t be upgraded to Android version 8 (Oreo).

Other than this, the device comes equipped with a powerful processor, which helps operate multiple apps smoothly. The smartphone comes with a 32gb built-in memory, which can be upgraded to 256GB through a micro-SD card slot. The device comes with a fingerprint sensor (no face recognition here still), a 3.5mm headphone jack, and fast charging capability. Well, this is one thing that really helps, especially when you are constantly on your phone. A8 fast charging offers four hours battery time for only 10minutes charging (an impressing feature surely).


Ok, we aren’t going to restrict you to just A8, rather let’s share some other great mid-range smartphones available in the market. Interestingly the mid-range smartphone market is getting crowded fast, especially with the presence of Chinese brands there’s a fierce competition in this market segment.

However, when compared to Samsung A8, the only company that does offer much value to money is Chinese brand Oppo. The company has launched various mid-price range smartphones with vivid functions.


To keep it simple, unless and until you are a real power user who loves to explore all the latest features, A8 is a great smartphone that offers complete worth of your money.

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