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Computer Vision Syndrome

The growing concern of “Computer Vision Syndrome” in children

The use of computers and digital devices among the children during the last few years has become pervasive. We’ve certain stats to prove;

  • Almost 95% families in the U.S with children have a computer and many different digital devices as well as 24/7 internet.
  • Total time devoted to the use of entertainment media on these devices has increased from 6.2-hours to 7.4-hours between the years 1999 and 2009 respectively.
  • Around 30% children between the age of 8 & 18 had their own laptops back in 2009 whereas students from grade seven and twelve spent above 90-minutes per day on their digital devices.
  • Most of the paediatric eye doctors agree that excess use of computer among the children raises the risk of early myopia.
  • Individuals bearing more than 12 years of professional education showed prevalence of myopia that has surpassed 60%.

Spending countless hours in front of a computer screen strains a child’s eyes due to which healthy development of their vision is at a risk. We’re in a “near-point world” where parents must be well-aware of vision related anomalies amongst both children and grownup alike. From medical point of view, a child can better handle the computer and digital device screen stress only when his visual system. Here’s what the American Optometric Association (AOA) has to say;

  • Children are unaware about the ideal time to spend on digital devices. Breaking down the activities reduces the strain whereas prolonged use raises the risk of visual abnormalities and eye strain problems.
  • Children are adaptable and unable to tell the difference between clear and blurry vision. Parents should closely monitor the time they spend on computer devices while ensuring regular eye assessments. In severe cases, ophthalmologist can also recommend opting for Lasik eye surgery in Abu Dhabi.
  • Most of the computer workstations are arranged per adult use and the viewing angle can prove most disturbing to the young eyes. It’s often accompanied by pain in the neck, shoulder and back!

Reducing the risk of Computer Vision Syndrome

  • Before schooling, every child must have a detailed eye exam that includes distance and near-point testing for computer use and reading ability.
  • Parents should limit the amount of time their children spend at computer without break. Encourage the children in taking at-least a 20-second break after every 20 minutes to reduce stress and eye irritation. This is known as Rule of 20-20!
  • Ergonomics should be child friendly which means they must adjust to their body size with just the right distance.
  • Lighting must be absolutely perfect which means reducing the glare and other light sources from directly shining on the screen.

Protection from excessive blue light

Medical research has now concluded that spending hours in front of digital screens puts children at the risk of permanent retina damage later in life. This is because these devices emits high amount of high-energy visible blue light which is damaging to the eye, especially among the developing children.


Always consult eye care professional and help your children develop a healthy vision!

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