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iPhone 6 Plus

How do Unlock Codes work for the iPhone 6 Plus?

There has been a continuous rise in demand of getting the iPhone 6 plus unlocked from a particular network provider. To meet this demand, the methods of unlocking the iPhones kept evolving over the years with the advancement of technology. The first method discovered to unlock the iPhones were through software unlocking. This, however, disrupted the OS of the handsets and led to an unnecessary pressure on the Apple’s tech base as all the handsets were within the warranty period. So, this method got banned with the launch of the Apple iPhone 4 when Apple decided not to pay for any of the handsets that got damaged by software unlocking.

When this method became obsolete, people started to unlock their phones by using a hardware unlocking method. They tried to experiment with the hardware components and configured the handset according to their requirements. This method, however, either led to a zero outcome or caused a massive damage to the entire handset. Incorrect configuration by the user or the third party users damaged the handset permanently. For these damaged phones also, Apple declined to pay for any repercussions it caused.

So now the question arises as to how to unlock iPhone 6 plus?

Well, the safest way of unlocking an Apple iPhone 6 plus is through IMEI unlocking. IMEI unlocking is also known as Network Unlocking or unlocking at the factory level. This method is totally legal and is offered by various licensed stores who have an agreement with Apple or by Apple customer service. To unlock your phone, you must first find out the IMEI code of your handset. You can do this by dialling *#06# from your handset and the IMEI code will be displayed on your screen.

Submit the IMEI code of your handset to the company or the customer care executive. The IMEI comprises 15 numbers which serve as the unlock codes for Apple 6 Plus. The experts will use your IMEI code to get an access to the master database of Apple. The database of Apple has all the registered IMEI numbers and can give authentic information about the all the Apple devices to the experts. The experts can find out the year when the product was manufactured, what colour the product is, what the model number of the product is and the internal memory capacity of the handset. It will also let the experts know whether your device is currently locked or unlocked to a particular network provider.

Through this complete access method, the experts can easily change the iPhone’s status of the device from ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’. In this way, you will get rid of your previous network provider and now you can shift to any other network whose benefits you want to enjoy. By opting for this method, you will neither breach the warranty services of Apple nor will you end up damaging your handset in any way. This method of unlocking takes a maximum of 1-3 working days and it is cost-effective as well as totally hassle-free!

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