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Benefit From Going Solar

How Rajasthan Can Hugely Benefit From Going Solar

The government of India eyes at a potential 40 percent hike in power derived from renewable resources. While a major population of the country still faces a deficit of electrical power supply, the people believe that solar energy, if put into optimum utilization will light up the nation!

“The Indian government’s commitment to solar energy is why the country is likely to see the biggest growth in the near term,” Werner said.

One of the majorly affected states is Rajasthan which has now, in the past few years, gained pace in the development in the direction of green energy. This is after the concept of net metering was introduced.

Benefit From Going Solar

It allowed consumers who had solar panels installed at their residence to sync with a solar grid and feed excess electricity generated back to the grid after their household or industry requirements are met. The grid records in the input of electricity fetched and the output of electricity fed back to the grid. Based on this, people have reduced their electricity bills by up to 95 percent.

Now is the time when the Rajasthan solar is termed as one of the leading projects in the state. It accounts for commissioned solar power with more than 1318 MW of solar power already in use. The achievement made a mark in the 47.71 MW of this power has been added to the grid in the FY 16/17.

Rajasthan is developing at a good pace, and the funds they get from businesses power a lot of developments. It is essential to improve the rate at which energy is supplied to the industries to increase the customer base and generate more revenue. The frequent downtime and irregular power supply are the reasons why production of manufacturing businesses could not get on the forefront.

Businesses like spinning mills, textiles factories, cement factories, stone or marble factories or handicraft manufacturing units are dominant in the state. In cities of Rajasthan like Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Kota, Jhalawar, etc. industry owners enjoy a brightly lit environment with solar power.

Benefit From Going Solar

If put into use the right way, these industries are bound to benefit a great deal. It is because the sunlight reaching them directly is sufficient for efficiently running the plant. Moreover, the companies benefit from the reduced electricity bills in return of feedback of excess electricity into the grid.

The rate of electricity consumption became a massive threat to the nation’s resources and the environment. With the increasing consumption of solar power in Rajasthan, the people can leverage the benefit of green energy at a reduced cost. Another added advantage that the people will enjoy is the reduced consumption of non-renewable resources. This means that the future looks forward to green energy, the dominant among them being solar power. One of the leading companies that empower the solar rooftop is Mysun. It is one of the leading manufacturers of rooftop solar panels and grids. The company provides 360-degree support in the installation and running of the system.

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