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best deals at a mall

How to get the best deals at a mall?

People often think that the malls are not a good place to go shopping because of the fact that they are unable to bargain there. Considering that, the mall stores are all under a roof and when you go to shopping in Dubai things get very competitive. They strive hard and are always being hunted by competitive pricing and promotions which lead to coupon code and discount offerings. Moreover, just like you have Walmart and Target, stores tend to clear out the stock quickly and make room for newer ones which lead to sales and lesser pricing. Here, we will guide you about how to get the best deals at a mall.

Use shopping apps

There are a number of different shopping apps that help you in comparing various outlets and allow you to purchase from there. While it is considered online shopping, they tend to offer you coupons that can help you in getting some percentage off of the original price. For instance, you receive a valid code for an XYZ store from such app. If permitted, you can go to in-store shopping and use the given codes as you like.

Checking website of the mall

As you plan to head over to a certain mall for shopping in Dubai, you should always take a look at their website. It is important because this provides you all the necessary information about the mall and what it has to offer. Moreover, you are likely to get to know about the coupons and they may allow you to print some for yourself before you visit them.

Loyalty programs

As you sign up for the loyalty programs with the stores and shops, you are likely to receive promotional texts and details about what is now and incoming. Along with that, there are strong chances that you will get to have some good discounts and might be invited for shopping on a certain occasion or at a specific time when you’ll get to receive exclusive coupons and discounts.

Credit card promotions

Many people sue credit card for shopping in modern era. There are a number of different cards that offer you promotional codes and discounts. Exclusively available only if you make the purchase using the given credit card, there are a lot of instances when you will see them offering valuable discount to you, allowing you to purchase your favorite merchandise from a certain store.

Group discounts

Special group discounts are often available in various shops, such as the student discounts and senior discount days. Moreover, a shop might be associated to a certain group of people and provide them special discounts.

Event shopping

We all know this but still it is worth a mention that the shops tend to come up with huge discounts as an event approaches. Whether it be the Christmas, black Friday, thanksgiving, Eid, or any other festival, there are big discounts on offer and people can benefit from it a lot. Do mind that during these days the malls are pretty crowded.

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