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What is an impact driver and how is it different from the cordless driver?

There are various tools that can help the professionals to get the desired results. Every tool is designed in a way that can carry out the desired job effectively and in less time with few efforts. Numerous tools can help the user to have the quick and quality results. However, some tools are much known for their use. One of these known tools is popular as Impact driver that is used by a number of professionals.

About Impact Driver

An impact driver is a quite versatile tool which is one of the first power tools that many people own for various assignments. The tool is used for drilling holes and is essential for expanding your toolkit. The impact drivers are used for building decks, installing the tile backer board, screwing down the plywood and for many other jobs which require driving the long bolt or screw in the hardwood.

  • The hand impact driver set looks just like a drilling machine to people, but in reality, they are very different tools starting from how they are built and how are they designed.
  • The impact driver is specially designed to drive the screws and bolts which would otherwise fall out of the cordless drill. The impact driver does it by using the concussive force for driving the screw in the wood.
  • It has the ability to deliver 2 to 3 times the torque than the simple drill and has minimum chances of twisting your wrist. Additional force helps in driving the screws with more precision.
  • The impact drivers might take you some time to get used to as unlike a drill; the impact driver doesn’t have any adjustable clutch.
  • They are a little louder which might be an issue for some people, but you certainly don’t need any hearing protection.

Difference between cordless drill and Impact driver

The cordless drill is also known as one of the most popularly used portable power tool which doesn’t seem to lose its popularity anytime soon. But over the period of time, the cordless drills have begun to lose its significance owing to a comparatively new type of cordless equipment, i.e., the impact driver.

  • The impact driver looks quite similar to the cordless drill, but one of the apparent differences is that instead of the keyless chuck, the impact driver has a collect which accepts the hex-shanked driver bits.
  • The impact driver tool set is exclusively designed to perform one job, e., drive the screws, which it performs faster than any other tool. The impact drivers can help in driving long and large fasteners which includes fat lag screws.
  • The impact driver makes use of both rotation and concussive blows for fastening the screws through the densest and thickest of woods. As a result, one achieves raw and uncompromised power.
  • In comparison to the other equipment, the impact driver is easy to use as the concussive action transfers the energy to the screw instead of your wrist.

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