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Online Medicine Ordering Website

India’s Best Online Medicine Ordering Website

Are you sick, bedridden and home alone? Lethal combinations are not hard to come by, be it living the bachelor-hood or simply old age getting the better of you. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves in sick situations when walking to the nearby chemist was simply out of the question. But, does that mean you go without taking your crucial medicines? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Then how would you get medicines from a verified supplier and have them deliver it to your doorstep? Thanks to technological advancements, shopping from the comfort of your home has really been heightened in the past decade with opportunities to save on even the smallest of orders making this arrangement favorable for most. This brings us to how India has been prepping its online medical industry with budding entrepreneurs dedicating their resource and expertise to create a flawless online medicine delivery system for the sick and busy Indians.

We have created a niche list of some of the prominent Online Medicine Ordering Website that India has to offer so that you can purchase your medical drugs from the best credible sources out there.


Practo started as an information hub listing the best doctors, pharmacies, and clinics nearby. Their practice soon expanded as they started partnering up with local pharmacies to deliver medicine and healthcare products right to the patient’s doorstep. Apart from this, you can even book doctor appointments or directly chat with a doctor through their website. 


LifCare is more of a subscription-based online pharmacy rather than your regular chemist where all your chronic medicine needs are addressed with flat everyday discounts on online medicine ordering. The offer is applicable on all orders with extra perks available on their online medicine shopping app. LifCare uses their own storage facility and acts like an independent body delivering medicine to you at your doorstep. Keep an eye on the website to make the best of their rebates and discounts.


SastaSundar focuses on bridging the gap between patients and independent chemists by offering a wide range of medical solutions along with alternative products like baby and personal care items, nutritional and health food and supplements, hygiene and self-care products and more. This online website will notify the chemist once you place an order and have the chemist deliver the order to you.


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