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Know about Palembang

Know about Palembang, Indonesia

Palembang used to be the center of the Buddhism Sriwijaya Empire, whose dominance attained all the way into the Malay Peninsula. The name was derived from two words: pa and limbang. It’s stated that the wealth of the empire was suspended in the gold found in the rivers. Currently, Palembang is home to nearly two million individuals. It can be a bustling metropolis at this time, but its culture remains rooted in the Sungai Musi. Palembang additionally serves as an important port, as it’s situated about 80km from the river.

Palembang Indonesia is the provincial capital and the second largest city of South Sumatra. It’s also the 7th largest city in Indonesia. The town became the export center of the state when oil fields were tired and found at the early part of the twentieth century. Apart from petroleum, other goods exported from the port contain rubber, coffee, lemon, and pepper. The principal industries in the city are petroleum refining, fertilizer production, and cement manufacturing. Palembang Attractions. The majority of the attractions found in Palembang are linked to the city’s rich history. The Buddhism Sriwijaya Empire might be long gone. However, the town has maintained its ties to the past through two museums: Museum Sumatera Selatan and Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II.

Sumatera Selatan Museum is a recommended stop for all visitors. Located about five km from the city center, this place offers the ideal introduction to Palembang’s history. The museum houses many items from the Sriwijayan era; it’s also home to megalithic parts of the Pasemah Highlands. Behind the museum, visitors will get an impressive Rumah limas or traditional residence. Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Museum II has a few displays worth seeing, but the location is better valued for its arrangement, this museum is an architectural wonder, an excellent illustration of the fusion of Malay and Colonial Styles. The Dutch had constructed it in 1823 on the website of what used to be the Sultan’s Palace. Other city attractions to see are the Mesjid Agung Mosque, Ampere Bridge, and Pulau Kemaro.

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