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Let’s find out how you can make use of Instagram media for your business marketing methods

For every business owner, it is necessary that they remain aware of all the latest trends in marketing and campaigning techniques on the internet. The internet has made the world of business marketing a highly competitive place which requires business owners to be constantly on their toes by making full use of every technology that is available to make sure that their businesses get maximum exposure. Perhaps the most innovative method that has been used in the last few years is by putting to the application the high numbers of social media platforms which are available. Instagram is a very popular platform for social media, and by incorporating all its designs within the graphic designs of your business website you will be able to get success more easily. This article will help you how to use Instagram for your business marketing methods.

Why is having a good design in your website so vital?

A good graphic design will let you entice more users and random visitors by catching their attention and then making them buy your products and the services which you have to offer. The designing aspect of your business website must be simple and should let people find it easy to navigate. When you are integrating the designs of Instagram in your site, you will find it quite beneficial because the simplicity of Instagram is innate and this will be available now in your official business website too. Simplicity is the only reason that makes Instagram so popular and such an excellent platform for business marketing on the internet.

  1. You can make your “like” button in the shape of a heart

Instagram prefers simplicity more than anything else, and you must design your website’s graphics based on this principle. You can see how in Instagram you have a “like” button which is in the shape of a heart and this it will make it quite easy for many users in showing interest in some contents which you shared. It is already understood, that you will not be having any broad, elaborate options for sharing and reposting on Instagram except for this “like” button.

You can apply this simple tactic in the design of your business website also, use any designs that you find suitable and then you can put your content along with the “like” button. Your users will understand that they are not required to navigate much on the website to locate the things which they require. If users like a certain product, they shall click this button, people visiting your site in the future can see also the number of people who previously liked your products. As people start noticing that there are products in your arsenal which have been liked by many people in the past, they shall also feel compelled to check the details of these products.

  1. Feature content using photo streams on a running feed

This is a unique feature from Instagram which you can consider using in your business website’s graphic design easily. Instagram’s core simplicity lies in its visual experience which every user is offered. You will not get options for posting any elaborate textual content because your sole focus will be on your products and their marketing. Instagram users will only look at these photos, and after that, they will have to decide if they are willing to buy these products or not. Hence it is a feature that needs to be accommodated. You must use photo streams in your website’s designs and then post photos of all your items and services within this design. You must place the stream within the center of the page’s homepage. Try to keep this stream running along with only photos without adding any more descriptions. The descriptions of the products will be inside embedded links that can hover on these photos.

  1. Focus on the comments left by your users

You must let all your visitors and paying customers to leave comments on photos of products on the homepage of your business website. You will be able to feature these comments if they are related to your business products. Feature all useful comments that other visitors may find helpful. You have to publish both the critical comments and comments that praise your products. This will be beneficial to you as customers will be able to find all the honest reviews. This can help a lot to build a factor of trust for the products you sell along with creating a brand image in the minds of customers in general. You must solve all grievances of customers through comments on your business’ website. Address the issues they face and then reply them back if they are raising an issue.

  1. Put lighter shades of colors in background graphics

Instagram uses a white color in the background along with black borders. This is quite simple while being functional. You must not put bold, bright and solid colors or any dark colors in your background graphic on your business website. Such colors can make your page appear cluttered and thus they won’t look too appealing visually.

There are a lot of other ways to make the graphic design of your business website look good. You must incorporate designs from Instagram to make your business website visually beautiful to visitors. You must visit Gramblast to learn more about this.


Instagram is a wonderful source for business owners to take inspiration from when they want to design their business websites. With good web design, you will be incorporating both simplicity and functionality which will make it helpful for your visitors to navigate your site in a better way. The designs that are inspired by Instagram like styles will improve graphic designs of your business website appear much better. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have inspired you to understand the things that you must do for making your design work.

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