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sine wave inverter for your PC than an UPS

Why does it make more sense to buy a sine wave inverter for your PC than an UPS?

Being an Indian citizen, power cuts aren’t unfamiliar to me or the rest of the country. India’s power generation is far below than its required average to sustain it properly on a regular basis. That is why you’ll see that generators and inverters are a common sight across the households of the country and as a result, they are getting immensely cheaper to buy.

Now a critical issue along with power outages are the constant voltage fluctuations that plaque various parts of the country. Call it a general mismanagement but commercial and household lines aren’t exactly separated as the customer demographic and you’ll often see households sharing the same electrical line which supports industries. The problem with this is, industries tend to suck up a lot of power and as a result, voltage fluctuations are prevalent across the households sharing the same wire as with the industries.

According to a few surveys, voltage fluctuations are one of the biggest killers of electrical appliances, especially computers. Now there cannot be anything done about the power generation issue until the Govt. decides to spend on projects to generate more power, but we can at least mitigate it and buy online sine wave inverter to minimise the impact. Let me explain why.

The more commercially available “Uninterrupted Power Supplies” uses dry batteries and circuits to control the voltage supply and provide constant power to the components. But since it is essentially fetching electricity at the same time, they aren’t really reliable at keeping up with the constant voltage ups and downs and tend to wear down quite often. This is precisely where sine wave inverters have the advantage. You see sine wave inverters have finer control over the voltages so as a result, they are not affected much by voltage fluctuations. So say if you are experiencing a day of such voltage fluctuations, you can switch to backup power from the inverter to actually run your PC’s or peripherals and ride out the storm. Also, since there is no virtual limitation to the number of batteries that you can recharge with an inverter, you can recharge multiple batteries to get a longer backup time.

Just one thing to keep in mind however is to check your inverter output before you actually use it to power a computer because an inverter which outputs lower wattage will work fine right up to the moment that your PC needs more power and then it might get overloaded in the process.  In short, keep some headroom for more voltage delivery when the need arises. And it’s not just PC’s, if you are planning on running your air conditioner or refrigerator on batteries, it’s probably a good idea to get a sine wave invertersince such appliances require a very steady flow electricity and too little or too high can cause them to malfunction

Most major players now use sine wave technology for their home UPS or inverters but it was Luminous who first pioneered it into the market and have had a reputation for making some of the best sine wave inverter for home. Also they are one of the most trusted brands when it comes to inverters and have a very dominant market foothold in countries like India.

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