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MRI scan

All that you need to know before getting an MRI scan

We often hear that our doctor has recommended for us to get an MRI scan done, just to confirm whether his assumption is right or not. It is very important when it comes to detecting internal bleeding, injury, growth, aneurysms in the brain and many such related problems, which are not visible to the naked eye.

Well, if you have been advised to get an MRI scan, then before you actually go through the process, you need to understand what it is all about. It is important to know what exactly is the function of an MRI scan and how does an MRI scanner work and help us. So here are some of the main pointers that you need to be aware of when it comes to getting MRI scans.

What is an MRI scan?

MRI also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a process, with the help of which an internal picture of the human body can be generated. This technology mainly uses three things- a large magnetic, some radio waves and a computer which is attached to the entire set up on which the internal image of the human body will be generated on which the doctors can observe what is wrong inside and locate abnormalities if there are any. In order to perform an MRI scan, you will need a MRI scanner which is found in certain hospitals and some MRI scan centres in the city. When you do get your MRI scan done, it is best to get it done from the best mri scan centre in Mumbai.

How does the MRI scan process work?

The process is a pretty simple and a clear one. The MRI scanner has a huge tunnel inside of which the patient is gradually wheeled. The patient has to lie down for this process. Once inside, the magnet and the radio waves combine together to create an internal image of the patient which in turn is gradually displayed on the computer screen. The patient is kept inside a room with the scanner, while the doctors sit in a separate area, which is separated from the MRI scanner by a transparent glass through which they can see the patient inside. There is an intercom in the two rooms, so that the doctors may guide the patient through the process.

How to prepare for a MRI scan?

There is no preparation as such that you need to take for a MRI scan. The patient is generally asked to arrive at any one of the mri centers in Mumbai where they want to get this process done on the day of the process. They are asked to change into a light hospital gown, so that the image may be a clear one. It is very important that the patient stay absolutely calm throughout the entire process and still, so that the images do not get disturbed. Most of the times doctors tend to keep the patients calm.

These are the basic things that one needs to know about a MRI scan. If you are about to undergo one, keep these factors in mind.

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