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Professional Year Program

Perth Professional Year Program

Why a Professional year program

A professional year program is a well- designed professional development program designed combining formal learning and workplace experience of international students who passed or graduated from a recognised university in Australia .The professional year program generally runs for 12 months. The professional courses available in Australia now are mainly for engineering, accounting where the demands for skilled graduates is very high. The profession year program is mainly designed for the students who wish to apply for permanent residency in Australia. The students an industry-specific skill by extensive study and gathering some work experience which helps them to prepare for professional course in Australia. The department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) recognise professional year program which is approved by the government.The professional program Australia gives the students industry – specific skills so that one can establish a career with desired skill and competence.

Benefits of professional year program:

  • There is a scope of earning valuable work experience in Australian companies through internship.
  • One can be well acquainted with the culture and practices within Australian workplace.
  • The intern can groom in a professional manner and learn to communicate within an Australian workplace.
  • One who has completed a professional course successfully can earn extra 5 points from department of Immigration and border protection(DIBP)

Who can apply?

  • One who has completed a course in accounting, computer science or engineering in Australia?
  • The student must hold a skilled- graduate temporary visa which allows the individual to stay in Australia for a period of 18 months.
  • The candidate applying for the VISA must be below 50 years .and having got eligible qualification within the last six months.
  • The individual should have completed at least two years study in Australia.
  • Has the desired skills pertaining to the occupation as listed in the skilled occupation list.

Online professional courses provided by Perth:

The Australian professional skill management institute at Perth also offer a range of online professional courses which is easily accessible by the students. The Australian domestic fee is charged from students who are already in service. The international students and the government students are required compulsorily to attend face to face in campus training and not allowed for the online training.

Some popular online courses:

Certificate IV in work health and safety:

  • The professionals who are already working with WHS or OHS and wish to pursue a course in safety are entitled for this course.
  • On completion of the course the individual will get a broad knowledge base, get exposure to practical workplace and will be trained to offer solutions to a wide range of problems.

Certificate IV   in Business

  • This course is designed to improvise the skills of the basic day-to-day administration of business.
  • On completion of the course the student gathers the desired skills to successfully play the role of a supervisor, Team Leader or a Middle management in different environments.

Certificate IV in leadership and management

  • The course is designed for individuals who would be trained to take first line management to a wide range of organisations or industry.
  • The students may possess existing technical skill in any vocation or profession.
  • The course enables the individual to improvise on the supervisory functions.

How to manage migration to Perth:

The student willing to migrate to Perth must be fulfilling the criteria of student Visa framework. There are some dedicated groups who are ensuring every prospective student have a chance to apply for a student VISA. There are specific Visas with respective subclass for specific purpose for eg. Independent Sector Visa is designed for interested to come to Australia for a full time course English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students. There are higher secondary visas, school sector visas etc. Dedicated for specific purposes.

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