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Polythene foam tape

Polythene foam tape looks for special fabrications

Polythene foam tape is a combination of a rubber type adhesive with closed cell foam. The rubber type adhesive provided a good initial bond to all types of surfaces. Polythene foam tape comes in various thicknesses and widths.

Polythene foam tape is supplied in black or white having an adhesive on both sides so as to meet up the specific needs of an application. Polythene foam tapes are best for gaskets, sealing, mounting and joining. The most typical applications of polyethylene foam tapes are cable mounting clips, wire or sign, nameplates, and POP displays. Increasing demand for foam tapes requires some special fabrications.

Polythene foam tape is ideal to use indoors. It can be well used as a high performing rubber type adhesive. Polythene foam tapes provide an economical solution for sealing doors as well. It acts as a permanent waterproofing solution between two surfaces. The best part is that no toxic fumes are released while it is burnt and it is flame retardant.

Polythene foam is a closed cell, semi-rigid type of foam which is a chemically cross-linked foam of polyethylene polymers. It provides excellent durability and protection. This is most commonly used plastic polymer and is 100% recyclable. Polythene foam is best for indoor applications which require sound dampings, vibrations, cushioning, and insulation and shock absorption like that in an appliance, construction, recreation, floating, aerospace, and packing industries.

 Polythene foam is resilient and strong cell foam. It is ideally suitable in case of a product or material which requires barrier, dampening, insulation, and absorption or can be used as a buoyant material. This is mostly used in cushioning while providing packaging solutions. The excellent buoyancy of the foam allows the polythene foam to get used in floating equipment and various nautical equipment.

Polythene foam is capable of withstanding a considerable amount of pressure and will never lose its foam properties, making it an ideal solution in case of durability and support.


Polythene foam tapes give a smooth finished and clean look after customized fabrication and come in various densities and colors. It is an electrostatic, conductive, antimicrobial and antistatic dissipative. It is now found in cross-links and low- abrasion forms.

Structure of polythene foam tapes

Polythene foam is neither empty nor entirely solid and is prepared through a 3- step process of extrusion like mixing- expanding- cooling. Polythene foam tape can be made to produce a large variety of materials as per the durability, support or comfort.

During the manufacturing process only, the flame retardant additives are introduced in this foam so as to suit various fire codes and provide an electrostatic dissipative, conductive, anti-static and antimicrobial additive.

Benefits of polythene foam tapes:

  1. Non- dusting
  2. Easy fabrication
  3. Shatterproof
  4. Environment and health safety
  5. Solvent, oil, mold, grease, chemical, and bacteria resistant
  6. Compressive creep nature
  7.  Vibration, shock and impact resistant
  8. Puncture or tear resistant
  9. Uniform structure of the cell
  10. Dimensional stability

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