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Protection from electric cables and wires

Electrical safety is something that is less spoken about but it is something that quiet important; it is essential to protect oneself, the home from electrical disasters especially when one uses electrical appliances at home. Lightning storm is one such form of electrical disaster that can cause a lot of harm if not taken care of at the right time. In order to protect the household and the lives of the people from a lightning storm it is best to use the lightning arresters.

Lightening arresters are devices that are used to safeguard the homes, power lines and structures form dangerous lightening. Its main role is to act as a protector against the lightening and also against the damage that it can cause. Lighting arrester doesn’t completely stop the lightening but helps to limit it to a great extent by doing this it diverts the harm that can be caused by the occurrence of lightning. The lightning arrester depends upon the voltage and the current.

How are the arresters used?

  • The lightening arresters are installed close to the appliances or near the electric panel or generator and as and when the lightning strikes the arrester instantly activates.
  • After the arrester is activated it disperses the lightning to the ground and then it is lighted off without causing any damage.
  • Arresters in a way act as defence mechanism against the damage that can be caused by lightning.

Types of lightning arresters

There are various types of lightning arresters like:

  • Electrolytic arrester
  • Impulse protective gap
  • Auto valve arrester
  • Oxide film arrester
  • Metal oxide lightning arresters
  • Multi- gap arrester
  • Horn gap arrester
  • Valve type lightning arrester
  • Sphere gap arrester
  • Thyrite lightning arrester
  • Horn gap arrester
  • Expulsion type lightning arrester

The lightening arrester should be located close to the equipment which needs to be protected; they are also used to protect the generators, transformers, lines and circuit carrying barriers.

Another electrical danger is from the cables that are left open indoors and outdoors of a home; in order to avoid this kind of a danger cold shrink cable terminations are used; these are best for hazardous areas where cables are exposed to air, flames and combustible substances. These cold shrink tubes are made up of silicone rubber which is best for outdoor cables.

Features of cold shrink cable terminations

  • They are easy to install and can be done by hand only.
  • Cold shrink cable can accommodate a large number of cables of different sizes.
  • They are water proof.
  • It is seal tight so it maintains the same pressure even after years of use and exposure.
  • It has properties for wet electrical as well.
  • It is fungus resistant, UV rays protected and also protected from acids and ozone.

Electrical safety is a must in order to protect one from harmful electric disasters and accidents, and these two things can be used for electric safety.

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