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Online vs Offline Shopping

Settle the War of Online vs Offline Shopping

It is no secret that 21st century has brought with itself a huge boom in the internet era. Since its inception, so many new things got discovered which made our lives better. Like communicating with your loved ones overseas in a video chat format which if anyone would have mentioned 20 years ago, nobody would have believed it to become a reality. In this huge bucket of innovations and discoveries, is one of the latest trends that don’t seem to fade away and i.e., online shopping. The Internet has changed the whole face of shopping industry. It took some time for online shopping to gain momentum but when it did, there was no stopping for it to become a revolution.

Although both offline and online shopping has their own pros and cons, the war is not between which is better than the other. The war is of which is the most useful in today’s times. And as much as we want both the industries to thrive, the fact of the matter is that online shopping is a little ahead of offline shopping in a few aspects. Below discussed are a few points that serve justice to the above statement.

Browse, Shop, Pay online and Repeat!

While it is true that buying is a personal experience, but with the intricate steps embedded in the online sites these days, there is no chance that your buying experience will go wrong. From being given the option of trying things as they arrive at your doorstep to other flexible rules, buying online is most certainly the lucrative and a better option. Also, the fact that all of us are living fast-paced lives makes it the perfect choice for almost everyone.

It all boils down to your savings!

No matter wherever we are in the world while buying we always look for discounts and offers. These are the little things that help us in saving money, especially when what we are purchasing is an investment that will last for years like gadgets, electronics etc. That is why online sites like Flipkart, Amazon keep running amazing offers, deals and cash back that are hard to resist. For example, if you have decided to buy a new smartphone then you would want to get as much discount as possible since buying a phone is not something you do every other month. If you get a discounted offer on offline stores then there will always be a doubt in your head on whether you could have scored a better price somewhere else or not? While in online shopping, everything is transparent and in front of your eyes.

This or That!

The more choices we get, the better it is to understand the market and what is best for us. Continuing the example of buying a smartphone we used in the point above, when it comes to choosing a smartphone, online is the way to go. Understand this with an example, you want to buy a phone with 5000mAh battery and so you would use the filter option and will find the phones according to your requirement. You will find options like that of Panasonic India Smartphones (Panasonic Eluga Ray 700), Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro etc.

If you say so!

One person can talk differently about a certain product and so can ten people but not thousands of people. Reviews are something that we rely on a lot. Someone’s experience acts as a guide to what we are supposed to do or not do. It might take some time to develop an eye for genuine reviews but once you do, the chances of making an informed decision increase with the help of online reviews. This is something you will not be able to foresee while shopping offline.

These are just a few of many points that are bound to change your mind from offline to online shopping. The best part about shopping online doesn’t just end with these advantages but the fact that with people moving more towards online shopping, e-commerce businesses have been successfully able to tap into consumer’s mind, thanks to their digital imprint. And that is why it is easier for both the seller and the buyer to dip their hands in the choices provided by the online sites since their data is well read by this wondrous thing called the Internet. And that is why the exponential growth will be more in going online in comparison to shopping near your stores. At the same time, shopping offline gives a personal touch that online shopping can’t really replace. So while both the options have their pros and cons, at the end it is your comfort and trust that matters.

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