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Significance of wearing mittens and winter gloves

The winter season is loved by people of all ages, especially small children and adults alike. This is the time, when some of the most important festivals like the Christmas are celebrated along with the New Year. The winter also brings in ushers of happiness to children as they are able to enjoy their winter vacations from school and also get opportunities from their parents to go out on holidays to explore new cities and towns. Whatever be it, the kids definitely need to stay well protected from head to toe to ensure that they are safe and adequately protected from the biting chill wind.

Using gloves and mittens

The sweater and jacket covers the body, while the muffler and monkey cap or caps protects the head from cold, while socks does not allow cool air to enter the body through the feet. Then what about the palm and fingers? There are available different types of woolen gloves for mens, children and women. They can be purchased to enhance protection and move around freely and cozily. Such accessories should not be avoided or neglected as it will keep the hands secured against dampness and also ensure that frost bite does not take place due to extreme weather condition.

Wide range of designs

One can come across winter gloves in variety of designs and styles. They are also produced from different types of materials and hence, should be purchased depending upon the climatic condition experienced in the region or the place to be travelled for the holidays. It is by considering the area’s weather condition that gears with thin or thick insulation needs to be invested in.

Woolen accessories

It is actually natural fiber and is used to produce gloves, mittens, mens winter socks, and clothes to fit all sizes, ages and shapes. This material although lightweight, does offer sufficient warmth to hands when used. But wool is not considered to be waterproof. There are synthetic materials such as Goretex and Thinsulate, which are the materials that can offer waterproof solutions. Although wool does offer good heat to the body, it is synthetic materials which repel moisture and water. But wool is much more natural and safe to be used by children when compared to the synthetic winter products. The type of product to be purchased will again depend upon the activities of the child along with the weather condition of the place. For outdoor use, synthetic based gloves are recommended. However, if family activities are held within the house, then pair of mittens created from wool can be quite useful.

Difference between gloves and mittens

Gloves come with compartments for fingers and mittens have sufficient space for containing palms of hands. But gloves do offer better movement and enable the child to easily grip on different types of things, thereby decreasing accident possibilities during play.

Be it mittens or gloves, it will be wise to look for branded products that will live up to user exceptions and provide warmth to the hands.

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