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Smoking and Drinking Can Disturb Academic Performance

How Smoking and Drinking Can Disturb Academic Performance

The consequences of smoking and drinking can be harmful to anyone, but they have a especially negative effect on the minds way to perform scholastically. Today’s youth have been exposed to these effects like no other generation before them and it may not be best for their educational futures.

The following article will provide an overview of the various effects that smoking, in this case the popular plant “Marijuana”, and drinking alcoholic beverages can have on the mind’s capacity to focus and perform academically.

This is not a concise study but rather a short compilation of the ways that substances can cause particular problems for those young people in their formative years and studying in college or high school. A clear mind and capacity to absorb information is essential at this time and recreational smoking and drinking, even in modest amounts, can still affect the mind and impact performance.

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol can stay in the body for as long as 2 full days, during which time it continues to impair perception and affect cognitive function. Drinking the night before can lead to high levels of alcohol in the blood which can make it very difficult to rise sharp and determined in the morning. This can also affect the absorption of information and critical thinking processes in class the following day.

Drinking affects the body’s natural cycles. It can lead to taking naps to “sleep off the buzz”, this leads to excess energy at the wrong times making it hard to study in class and work on homework at the right times.

Alcohol itself has been found to be highly toxic to the brain and can have long term effects on the capacity to retain detailed information or learn new concepts and processes. Intoxication occurs when the brain’s receptors are shut off due to alcohol levels in the blood, these receptors are crucial to retaining memory in the long term. If you were to study all day, your evening process and sleeping rituals will improve the consolidation of the information. If you were to go out for some heavy drinking after your classes, you rob yourself of the chance to consolidate the information gathered.

Smoking Marijuana

When smoked in the evenings, the THC in marijuana can affect the sleep cycles in a similar way to alcohol. It can make the individual groggy in the morning and can have lingering effects on perception and performance for as long as 2 days.

Marijuana works to suppress that nerve activity in the hippocampus, this can result in difficulty paying attention, concentrating and retaining information. There is also increased evidence that smoking marijuana robs the cells of the body of the vital nutrients they need to perform optimally.

Long term Marijuana smoking can also seriously impact the brain’s capacity to retain information and memory and even cause feelings of fear and anxiety that can aggravate the tormentous life of a young person. this in itself can make academic progress virtually impossible.

In Conclusion — Finding Help at Rehab Centers for Teenager

If you are or know a young person whose life is negatively affected by substances, act now. The young mind is at the most fertile ground for great imagination and innovations and it is shame to let them go to waste. Find help at your local rehab centers for teenager for solutions that restore your future and regain your control.


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