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hydraulic equipment market

The must know current trends in the hydraulic equipment market

The market for global hydraulic equipment is expected to grow with a significant margin due to various industrial factors. The growth in the construction & material market, automotive market and the market for more scientifically sturdy aerospace equipment are driving the hydraulic equipment market. There is a global rise in demand for hydraulic equipment for mobile applications. The major trends dictating the hydraulic industry according to experts is the heightened availability of the integrated solutions and service offerings, adoption of innovative smart cylinders, and finally the manufacturing of autogenous hydraulic equipment.

Integrated Solutions Impacting the Service Provided By Hydraulic Equipment Market

An increasing number of hydraulic equipment providers are offering a variety of hydraulic cylinders as well as solutions to provide a sense of diversification and differentiation in the number of product services. These methods of differentiations help the manufactures to further enhance the value of cylinders Systems and sub-systems are strategized which include the sale of ancillary products like valves and pumps. Integrating the offerings help the end-users build a certain degree of brand loyalty and brand recognition to the hydraulic equipment supplier. The manufacturers make a network with the supply chain professionals which diversifies the basic design of any hydraulic equipment through the integration of various electrical equipment. As a result, this integration leads to the prototype becoming more efficient, better engineered, futuristic and having multi-purpose functionality. In the process of providing integrated solutions, companies also save overall manufacturing costs with better and more robust USPs.

The hydraulic equipment can be considered as one of the essential components in a majority of electrical applications. End-users favor options which have enhanced performance and an intelligent structure which fits well with the evolving housing requirements. Offering a pre-tested prototype before it is sold in the market allows manufacturers to prevent supply-chain costs and any bad referrals which may occur due to faulty design. The integrated system of the hydraulic equipment which may consist of parts such as pumps, filter cylinders, hoses, valves, connectors, etc. can be supplied either as well assembled units, or as individual parts. An option of providing integrated solutions is especially beneficial for manufacturers who are in a business contract with manufacturers of a similar product line.

Smart Cylinders and Their Growing Usage Among End-Users

Integrating electronics with hydraulic equipment is leading to an increase in their end functionality. Additionally, there is a rise in the accuracy, performance and improved the user experience. Electric-hydraulic cylinders are also known as smart cylinders. They incorporate electronic control features and servo valves (in the form of transducers) to provide a thoroughly controlled valve system. Smart Cylinders are proven to be more efficient and have a high Return On Investment (ROI).

An Increase In The Autogenous Manufacturing Of Hydraulic Equipment

One of the emerging trends of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) is the aggressive in-house production of equipment which negates outsourcing contracts. The autogenous output of the hydraulic equipment ensures better control, planning, and operationalization by the manufacturers. This allows the manufacturers to dictate the design, quality, engineering, logistics, and the overall policy framework.

Trends in hydraulic equipment are directly impacting the Business to Business marketing strategies. The growing number of opportunities and potential uses of hydraulic equipment is paving way for the increase in the structural and operational sophistication of the industry.

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