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necessity to use standards in medical sector

The necessity to use standards in medical sector

Standards are essential to establish safe and reliable usability of products and services. Similarly, ISO standards in the medical industry are fundamental to develop safe and reliable medical services for the public that they can trust with their health and life.

The medical industry in India is still growing into an established sector that cannot assure that services and treatments that are provided are passing thorough quality checks with global quality benchmarks.

In such a case, it is necessary to use standards in medical practice such as usage of medical equipment standards to make sure that the health of citizens is of utmost priority for the state.

The cases of medical negligence ending in unfortunate consequences are common in a developing country like India where people lack primary education, have minimal understating about their rights and have no awareness about medical practices.  In these circumstances, the only solution is to constitute a strong code of conduct for the medical industry which is much influential than the present one and have scope for effective punishment for the medical practitioners involved n negligent conduct.

Additionally, standards for the choice of medical equipment and devices should also be strictly followed to ensure that low quality and below standard equipment are not taken in to practice and jeopardizing the health of the innocent public.

The public should not limit themselves to being mute spectators and hoping for the state machinery to take action to establish strong medical practice standards but should raise their demand via different mediums and platforms to ensure that health is treated while following global medical standards.

The establishment of a system following global medial standards will not only prevent the cases of medical negligence on patients’ health but also help to stop the spread of several diseases that happen due to the lack of medical standards.

Human resource is the most crucial resource for any country. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve and maintain it in a healthy manner to ensure higher productivity for the country that can be hampered by the use of low standard medical practices and equipment.







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