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5 Reason why IB schools

Top 5 Reason why IB schools are best for your child’s future

It is that time of the year again when the dilemma of enrolling your kid in the best schools takes all your time. For every parent, the initial years of their child growth are crucial for his all round development. Therefore, a good academic base becomes the key to their success. In order to attain a good base, you should focus on the best educational board.

Today we have a varied choice of educational boards like CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and IB (International Baccalaureate). But how would you know which will contribute most to the growth of your child? All these boards contribute to your child’s growth in different ways.

However, an international baccalaureate school will be able to provide your kid with the exposure they need in today’s competitive world.

The IB board is challenging but is equally rewarding for your kid. Here we have jotted down a summary of top 5 reasons explaining why enrolling your child in an international baccalaureate school in India is a right decision:

1) Global recognition

The international aspect of IB schools is the best part about them. All leading universities recognise this program thereby ultimately putting you on a world stage. On the other hand, country-specific programs don’t have the same global reach, so it’s harder for universities to understand the results and compare you fairly to other candidates.

Your child gets to meet other students from different cultures and lifestyles which raises his interest in his religion. Enhanced knowledge of different and varied cultures will boost his confidence and will help him grow as a person as well. He will be able to relate to a lot of things and situations in real life other than just textbooks.

2) Stand Out

The IB schools are less in numbers, and you must enroll your kid in a certified international baccalaureate school to be able to enjoy that exclusivity. Some of the best IB schools are located in Mumbai. IB board schools hold the exclusivity in the education sector. These schools do not stuff children in a class. Therefore your child will get the required amount of attention and care. His will face academic challenges with full confidence, and this relative uniqueness of the schools is an advantage for your kid.

3) Personal Development

In IB schools the child not only grows as a student but as a human. The objective of IB schools is to create a more peaceful environment by creating more socially conscious students who will go on to make meaningful contributions to the society long after they’ve completed their education. They believe in a balanced approach to their studies and extra-curricular. They do not believe in giving the kids only textbook knowledge but also provide them with life lessons. Their vision is to build potential leaders for tomorrow who will take on to the life challenges in full swing and with utmost confidence.

4) Well-rounded education

The comprehensive approach to education is what makes IB schools stand out from all other schools. IB schools provide exposure to the wider range of subjects as compared to other curriculums. You have the option to choose from a wider range of subjects. But one should not confuse well-rounded education with the phrase, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.” Whatever subject the child chooses and has interest in, he is taught to bring the finesse in that particular field first and then simultaneously focus on other subjects.

5) University Preparation

The IB schools prepare the child for the higher studies at university level. So when in college your child will be asked to make a four thousand word research paper, he will not feel the need to refer to the help-books and will be able to do the whole research with proper work citations all by himself.

IB school makes your kid get into good study habits and also helps them to learn proper time management. These skills are fundamental for your kid’s growth. Once the kid acquires this skill set, he will be able to take charge of his learning this transition will become more natural. He will not face the difficulty in shifting from a school environment to university level anymore.

If you wish to enroll your kid in an international baccalaureate school, you can look up to MLSI’s website (Mount Litera School International). Out of all IB schools in Mumbai, MLSI is one schools which has been contributing to create a better society by educating the children with the maximum values and ethics. Their vision is to create leaders for tomorrow by following the points mentioned above. Visit their website to get more details on their curriculum.

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