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Ignition Coil Failure

Top 5 Symptoms to Notice for the Ignition Coil Failure

Do you want to learn more about the top 5 symptoms indicating the ignition coil failure? Just check out the article now

Is your car behaving erratically? Or do you seem to experience any problem while running it smoothly? Most probably, there would be some major signs of ignition coil failure. Mechanically, the power is supplied from generator to the ignition coil that then relays it to spark plugs. Due to which, the fuel ignites, and the vehicle runs. At times, the severity & types of symptoms vary and as a result ignition coils end up failing. Let’s dive in


In case the car backfires, this indicates early signs of the ignition coil failure. Due to which, plenty of unused fuel is emitted through the exhaust system that’s nothing but total loss. Therefore, you need to ensure that you address this issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll do serious damage to the exhaust, and you’re most likely to get into unnecessary and costly repairs. In such conditions, the exhaust usually emits the black smoke, and the smell of gasoline would be added to it.

Starting Problems

It’s time to check the High tension leads, HT leads for short, of your car if you haven’t for quite long. They often run between the spark plugs and distributor. But in case the spark plugs don’t receive enough amount of charge, the ignition coil failures occur as a result. Most of the people living in cold areas often face a problem with starting their vehicle on frosty mornings.

Be mindful that it’s a very clear sign of potential ignition coil failure. Just to be sure, consider running a simple test on the HT leads and check if there’s a spark going from each lead to each spark plug.

Fuel Economy

Sometimes, you might feel that your vehicle isn’t giving enough mileage per gallon. Don’t get mistaken with some occasional car-flu, and it’s most probably due to the ignition coil failure. In fact, this is one of the major signs. The mechanism and logic are quite simple here. When the spark plug of your car gets less power, your vehicle has to struggle.

Due to which, your car happens to use more fuel in order to compensate that lack of power transfer. So whenever you happen to stumble upon such problem, take your swanky metal to the leading Range Rover Service Dubai. And, they’ll look after the rest. 

Vehicle Stalling

In case of the ignition coil failure, most of the cars also happen to have irregular sparks emitting to the plugs so that it can keep running. But honestly, this rebuttal isn’t going to survive for long. In fact, it will result in stalling. Especially, when you bring your vehicle to a stop, it’ll shut off entirely. As a result, you’ll have to restart your car.

Engine Misfiring – Beware

Experts mention that when you try to start your vehicle when the ignition coil fails, you’ll end up with nothing but a rough ride. Not to mentions, but the vehicle is going to have a consistent cough along with the regular splutter. Moreover, the car will also jerk and spit when you drive at the high speeds. And it will vibrate as well especially when you are running idle at the intersection or stop sign.



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