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video conferencing is essential

Why video conferencing is essential for today’s corporate sector?

Making video conferences with WebEx alternatives is a modality that, little by little, numerous entrepreneurs have been implementing due to the enormous savings it offers and the very real experience it generates. But even though it is a growing trend within work environments, you are not yet completely accustomed to using them. So if you are determined to meet with clients, partners or allies in a “virtual” way, you must pay attention to these tips to have an effective communication.

Understand how it works?

Video conferencing is not a combination of talking on the phone and having “face to face” contact with a person. It is a completely different channel, so it has its own rules. For example, keep in mind that even if you are not talking, people are watching you so you should always behave.

Learn where to see?

Although in real contact, it is essential to see the interlocutor directly in the eyes. In videoconference you must consider the “focal difference”. When you speak, you should see the camera. When not, go to the screen of your computer or device.

Avoid multitasking

It is very noticeable when someone who is participating in a video conference is doing several things at once. Their eyes move from one side to another or click or leave sound, which is extremely annoying.

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Choose a good angle

If you do it at home, do not do it on your couch and less on your bed. In addition to projecting an unprofessional image, your body and your face will look somewhat deformed in the camera, which will never be productive. Even if you are not in direct contact it is very important that you pay attention to your appearance. Choose the right clothes and make sure you take good care of your hygiene and hairstyle. Avoid using stripes, either on the shirt or the suit, since they can distort the image or even dizzy the speaker.

Conclusion: Take care of your position

You do not feel like you’re in the armchair of your house, but as if you were in a present business meeting. Stand up straight and put your arms on the table, make your hands visible and never pass them over your head. Pay attention to your voice and language. Your tone of voice should be a bit higher than normal and you should modulate and articulate perfectly so that the other person will listen and understand you. Remember, to get the best videoconferencing assistance, you can now use free video conferencing software.When yawning, playing with feathers, smoking, eating or chewing gum – you will send a sign of boredom or anxiety or even a lack of respect.

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